Vivaldi A&B

Located on the main floor, the Vivaldi reception room is a newly renovated ballroom, featuring 2,560 square feet of flexible meeting space.
Its ability to be divided into two sections, makes this elegant space ideal for banquets and exhibitions. With classic décor, new wall-to-wall carpeting and Swarovski crystal chandeliers, the controlled LED lighting changes the ambience of the room as needed. Our large windows overlook the fountain and greenery of the property, conveying a feeling of freshness and openness.

Room Capacity

(setups are approximate)

Vivaldi 2560 Sq.Ft.
Seating Capacity:
Classroom 90
Theater 210
U-Shape 55
1/2 Moon 120
Banquet 190
Dinner Dance 160
Cocktail 280
Vivaldi A 1385 Sq. Ft.
Seating Capacity:
Classroom 50
Theater 130
U-Shape 30
1/2 Moon 70
Banquet 110
Dinner Dance 90
Cocktail 160
Vivaldi B 1175 Sq. Ft.
Seating Capacity:
Classroom 40
Theater 80
U-Shape 25
1/2 Moon 50
Banquet 80
Dinner Dance 60
Cocktail 120












1/2 Moon









Dinner Dance